Something to do out of the box for a 2-Day weekend close to Kanakapura-Bengaluru

As usual weekend was upon us and we were coming with plans and ideas to make it count

One of the many that we came up with was,

  1. Leave early in the morning from Bengaluru.
  2. Travel to mekedatu and sangam
  3. Travel back half way towards Kanakpura
  4. Stay over night somewhere nearby
  5. Enjoy your stay
  6. Do a sunrise Trek (something which adds the charm and a great climax to your short trip)

Now, the details of the first half part of the trip, itself will be added as a part of different blog page. Let me just share few details and pictures of the sunrise hike that we do.

Its not a very well known hill or something that you will find on google maps concretely. It was a hill , right behind the stay that we had halted. The locals have named it as Chukki Betta. It is also know as Kapaala Betta

We started the hike at around 5.30am, wasnt much dark though. So we had no need of torch, though we got it. It took us about an hour to reach the top and we were just on time to get the breath taking view, with the first set of sun-rays falling over the village.

The trail itself is not difficult, but one has to overcome thick vegetation and cautiously pass through thorny bushes to reach the summit of peak.The bushes are home for avian life and wild boar

Looking at the pics you can understand what I am talking about. This is what you can expect from the top of the hill. All the pics are uploaded as it is, without any edits.

A perfect place to just sit out, slow down for a while in your life and run through your thoughts meanwhile also appreciate the beauty of it.

Rejuvenate yourself with this experience and get ready to head back with a whole lot of new memories

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